Product Highlights

Highlighting Features of Smart Sales Management System

Catalog Management

It allow you to create multiple price listing for each and every type of customers. Categorized view of product catalog will help the users to show the product pricing and its features in a single click

Dashboard & Insights

It provides actionable insights for the managers that helps them in measuring the performance of their field and sales team and take further actions like scheduling visits for idle resources.

Offline Access

Smart Sales Management System can be used by everyone irrespective of whether they are connected to the internet or not.

The data gets auto synced whenever network is available.

Reimbursement Workflow

Paperless workflow, Simplified Expense Recording with Transparent Approval and Disbursal Process, Submit Documents to Support the Claims

Pos System

Billing and order processing, Sales monitoring and reporting, Inventory and stock management, Loyalty programs and gift cards, Barcode Scanner


The Inventory Management Get up to date information on what's in stock, where it's located, how much of it you sell and when you will run out.

Pre Sales Management

It allows the users to create presales requirement efficiently. It sends the customer requirement in real-time and keep all the delivery details etc.

Delivery Management

Delivery management is allows users to deliver the pre-ordered requirement efficiently. It shows the delivery details, back order details, history of the delivery.

Key Features of Smart Sales Management System

  • Pre Sales Management
  • Direct Sales Order Management
  • Spot Billing and Invoicing
  • Fleet Management ( Vehicle Management)
  • Multi Level inventory Management System
  • Finance and Accounting Management
  • Advanced Reporting Features
  • Payment and Collection

More features

Highlighting more Features of Smart Sales Management System.

Order Management

It allows the users to create orders direct from the customer premise, on delivery, spot billing, payment receipt, backorder management, outstanding payment etc

Route Management

Optimize distribution logistics with route and activity planning, Multiple warehouse management.


View customers, deals, sales – day/week/month reports online and leverage it to improve your sales and marketing activities and many more

Payment and Collection

It includes Spot billing and invoicing, Collect payment on real time based on the customer payment terms, Check outstanding payments of a customer and more.

Customer Management

You can able to see all the customers details including, Total Sales orders, Invoices generated, Payment received, outstanding Payment details and much more.

Real time notifications

Alerts notify you about everything. Customer activity, upcoming tasks, delivery status and more, so you always see what needs attention now.


Smart Sales Management System screens gallery.

How Smart Sales Management System works

Click on any left menu to see how it works

  • Pre Sales orders and Process

    Search and add the products

    Create the Pre Sales order

    Check the outstanding payments

    Check the delivery status of the previous orders

    Total Sales created by the sales executive

    Customer wise sales orders

  • Inventory Management & Allocation for Pre sales

    Product Master Management

    Stock checking management

    Approve and allocate the inventory

  • Delivery Plan

    Create the delivery plan based on the delivery schedule

    Deliver the product based on the pre sales orders

    Reduce the delivery quantity if required

  • Sales order Creation

    Create the sales order from customers premises

    Deliver the product if its available

    Deliver later if the stock is not available on spot

    Create Credit note

  • Customer Management

    Create the customers

    Complete information about a customer

    Categorize the customers

    Total Sales order created for the customer

    Total invoiced and outstanding details of a customer

  • Payment and Collection

    Spot billing and invoicing

    Collect payment on real time

    Check outstanding payments of a customer

    Check total payment collected

    Create invoice within the customers premises

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